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From Our Accountant, To Your Accountant… Part III

Part III – “But, I have no clue what this report is telling me.”

Based upon my experience, I can attest that what gets accounting excited about a report is not necessarily what gets a project manager excited. “What’s the solution?” you may ask. We give our project managers the power to customize their own project information. Okay, so I am aware that accountants are pretty scared about giving much access to non-accounting people; however, if done properly, giving that access can save time, can make accounting’s job a little bit easier, and can help project managers feel empowered! It is a win–win! For example, almost all accounting and project management software has the capability to customize security on reports.   Providing views of various project-specific reports to project managers will allow them access to the administrative aspects of their projects and help them succeed in the technical aspects.

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From Our Accountant, To Your Accountant… Part II

Part II – “I don’t know how to use the system.”

Gear yourself up with intuitive technology that is both accounting- and project management-friendly. Yes, you might have to spend some money for a piece of software but it is so worth it! Having the right resources that translate all of those numbers into tangible results is what engages a project manager. Acquiring engaging technology is useless without the proper training, which is key! Brown bag lunches are part of ANAMAR’s continuing-education program. From how to enter expenses correctly to more elaborate topics, brown bag lunches provide good training opportunities in administrative tasks in small and easier-to-digest doses for those who appear to have an adverse reaction to accounting and general administrative tasks.

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