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Pier Papa, Tradd Street, and Joint Base Charleston, SC

The project consisted of sampling and analysis of sediments and water collected from four sites in the Charleston, South Carolina region. Sampling was conducted at two Coast Guard facilities, one Navy/Joint Base complex, and one Marine Corps facility in the region in Berkeley, Charleston, and Beaufort counties. Maintenance dredging was required at each site to provide adequate navigable depths and berthing areas. The purpose of the sampling was to provide information required for authorization of dredge material disposal in accordance with Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act and Sections 401 and 404 of the Clean Water Act for discharge of materials into waters.

ANAMAR was contracted by USACE to perform sampling activities in the four project areas and prepare reports of testing results, including physicals, sediment chemistry, and elutriates. ANAMAR coordinated and directed operations for this project, subcontracted vibracore sampling and laboratory analyses (ALS), and prepared final report deliverables. ANAMAR prepared an HSPP and SAP/QAPP for review and approval by state agencies and USACE prior to sampling. The process used to designate sampling stations ensured that sample material was representative both spatially and volumetrically and characterized project sediments in each dredging unit.

Sampling techniques, use of equipment, and sample holding time and preservation followed the guidance described in QA/QC Guidance for Sampling and Analysis of Sediments, Water, and Tissues for Dredged Material Evaluations-Chemical Evaluations (USEPA 1995). Laboratory analysis followed procedures according to EPA, USACE, and South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) requirements for testing of sediment and water for organics, metals, and general chemistry parameters (e.g., EPA Method 8270 for PAHs or EPA Method 6020 for trace metals in sediment and water). Modified elutriate preparation followed guidance found in the USACE document Environmental Effects of Dredging, EEDP-04-2, June 1985.

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