Charleston Harbor Deepening Awaits Approval from Congress

Charleston Harbor waiting authorization from Congress for deepening.
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Alachua County Water Quality Ordinance Excerpt

Alachua County Water Quality Ordinance Excerpt

(The following text is an excerpt from the Alachua County Water Quality Code and can be found at the link at the bottom of the blog.)

Section 9. General requirements

  1. Dry weather runoff water

It shall be prohibited to discharge into surface waters or directly into ground waters

through wells or sinkholes the following materials:

(1) Wastewater from cleaning or maintenance activities, including, but not limited

to car washing, carpet cleaning, sidewalk, building, roads and parking lot cleaning.

(2) Chlorinated wastewater from swimming pools cleanup and pool water

treatment materials, including diatomaceous earth.

(3) Wastewater, including water that has leached through waste materials

including, but not limited to barrels, trash cans, dumpsters, and containers for food scrap or food grease recycling.

(4) Wastewater from water treatment equipment, including spent brine, from

water softeners.

(b) Equipment maintenance and storage

(1) Equipment parts such as vehicle engines containing grease, oil or other

hazardous materials shall not be stored in areas susceptible to stormwater runoff.

(2) Any machine, which is to be repaired or maintained in an uncovered outdoor

area, shall be placed on an impervious surface and / or provisions shall be available to

contain hazardous materials discharges.

(3) Machinery and equipment, including motor vehicles, which are leaking

significant amounts of oil or fluids must be repaired or be stored in areas not susceptible

to stormwater runoff.

(b)Removal of debris and residue

(1) All parking lots shall be routinely swept to remove debris.

(2) Litter shall not be discharged to a surface water body. Appropriate litter

control practices shall be implemented to control litter entering surface water bodies.

(3) Landscaping waste including, but not limited to yard clippings, leaves and

branches, shall not be discharged to a surface water body.

  1. Enforcement of residential violations

In addressing residential violations of Sections 9(a) – (c), County staff shall

provide an educational approach that emphasizes environmental awareness in order to

achieve compliance prior to initiating enforcement action with the use of the provisions of Chapter 24.

Click on the link below to read the full Alachua County Water Quality Code.

Alachua County Water Quality Code


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