Charleston Harbor Deepening Awaits Approval from Congress

Charleston Harbor waiting authorization from Congress for deepening.

It’s time for Sediment Testing Q & A!

Q: The physical results for sediment I’m evaluating for offshore disposal show that the material is over 90% sand. Do I need to perform chemical and bioassay analysis on this material?

A*: Tier I evaluations begin with a comparison of existing physical information on the proposed dredged material with the three exclusion criteria of 40 CFR Section 227.13(b). If the dredged material meets at least one of these criteria, additional testing is not required. The three exclusion criteria are indicated below:

(1) The dredged material is composed predominately of sand, gravel, rock, or any other naturally occurring bottom material with particle sizes larger than silt, and the material is found in areas of high current or wave energy such as streams with large bed loads or coastal areas with shifting bars and channels; or
(2) The dredged material is for beach nourishment or restoration and is composed predominately of sand, gravel, or shell with particle sizes compatible with material on the receiving beach; or
(3) When: a. The material proposed for disposal is substantially the same as the substrate at the proposed dump site; and b. The site from which the material proposed for disposal is to be taken is far removed from known sources of pollution so as to provide a reasonable assurance that such material has not been contaminated by such pollution.

*Information was obtained from The Southeast Regional Implementation Manual (SERIM) for Requirements and Procedures for Evaluation of the Ocean Disposal of Dredged Material in Southeastern U.S. Atlantic and Gulf Coast Waters The SERIM was prepared by the US EPA Region 4 and the US Army Corps of Engineers – South Atlantic Division, with assistance from ANAMAR in accordance with federal authorities.

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