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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Partner with Fishbrain APP Users to Track Florida Nonnative Freshwater Fish


In an effort to utilize the age of technology, FWC has partnered with the U.S. Florida Fish Wildlife Services and Fishbrain app with hopes to invite the 250,000 anglers currently using the app in Florida to help monitor 15 types of nonnative freshwater fish found in Florida waters.

The Fishbrain APP is a $5.99 IOS, Android friendly application designed to allow anglers from around the world to track their catches as well as to share useful intel with other users.

The use of a phone APP to collect scientific data among scientists and ordinary people is becoming increasingly popular and foolproof as inevitably technology only advances in automated recognition while our phones also have the capability to access and store other useful data such as GPS, date, time, tides and even the weather. Although the increase of such technological methods of collecting and storing data will likely benefit conservation, perhaps obsolete will be the old fashioned need to carry a clipboard and nostalgic will be the smell of sharpening a pencil, and gone will be the sloppy jittery jot of a scientist’s handwriting on actual paper.


Florida Fish and Wildlife news article can be found here:

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