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Okatibbee Lake Lauderdale County, Mississippi

Okatibbee Lake is a 4,144-acre lake created by the impoundment of Okatibbee Creek. The lake is in Lauderdale County, Mississippi, approximately 7 miles northwest of the town of Meridian. The Okatibbee Dam was completed in 1968 for the purposes of flood control, water supply, and recreation. 

The purpose of this project was to collect and analyze sediment samples from specified locations and analyze them for physical and chemical parameters. The intent was to conduct environmental assessments to provide baseline data of sediment characteristics as they existed (at the time of sampling) in the upper reaches of the lake and to provide a baseline prior to construction activities upstream of the lake.

ANAMAR was contracted by USACE-Mobile to perform sampling activities in the project area. ANAMAR coordinated and directed operations for this project, performed sample collection, subcontracted laboratory analyses, and prepared final report deliverables. ANAMAR reviewed all data and produced a report summarizing the results of the physical and chemical analysis of sediment samples collected from the project area.

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