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Suwannee River Dredging Offsite Mitigation

Approximately 4.6 acres of wetlands were impacted by the disposal of dredged material from the mouth of the Suwannee River in Wadley Pass.  The mitigation for these impacts was conducted offsite on the Sunnyvale Tract, owned by the SRWMD. 

ANAMAR was contracted by SRWMD to design a hydrologic and vegetative enhancement area on the Sunnyvale Tract to mitigate for impacts to wetlands as a result of dredged material disposal.  ANAMAR conducted an initial site visit and subcontracted a topographical survey.  ANAMAR coordinated with SRWMD and used the information from the topographical survey to develop a site plan base map.  ANAMAR, in conjunction with Wetland Solutions, Inc., developed construction documents detailing the wetland enhancement and creation areas.  These documents contained sufficient detail to direct the contractor through the construction and planting process

Hydrologic enhancement of the project area was accomplished by improving the connection with a surface water feature originating from the west through culverts beneath CR349.  Vegetative enhancement was accomplished by planting canopy species similar to those naturally established, plus additional species to increase diversity.  Vegetation was planted to maximize an edge effect for wildlife utilization.  Vegetative enhancement was monitored for a 5-year period to assess survival.

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