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Wetland Assessment of Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base

ANAMAR was subcontracted by Science Applications International, Inc. (SAIC) to provide field data collection assistance at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay.  The data collection effort was in support of an ecological assessment to evaluate the overall ecological impact associated with planned security improvements.  ANAMAR provided the services of a wetland ecologist familiar with the flora and fauna of the southeastern United States to assist SAIC scientists in the completion of a wetland delineation/habitat classification effort within selected areas of the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay. The work required field identification and documentation of flora and fauna sufficient to characterize habitat conditions throughout the survey areas.  The habitat characterization component of the wetland survey consisted of addressing the following items qualitatively:

1. Vegetation - document species present, predominant vegetation, percent cover, and general health assessment;
2. Marsh substrate conditions - evaluate substrate and document grain size and evidence of organics (surface accumulation or in soil profile);
3. Fauna - log all observations and evidence of occurrence: infauna (pellet mounds, burrows), epifauna and motile species (fish, birds, mammals, tracks, and trails);
4. Shellfish - document all observations of shellfish occurrence along creek banks and sandbars, and occurrence interspersed with vegetation across marsh surface;
5. General info - wrack, debris, structures, unvegetated flats (pannes; what size, fauna);
6. Regional perspective – describe how these marsh systems compare to others in the region, in terms of vegetation, wildlife use, and general health/condition.

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