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S-332B/C/D Project Site to Support Emergency Actions to Protect the Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow, Florida Everglades (Sparrow Project)

Emergency operations were undertaken by USACE, Jacksonville District, to manage water deliveries to Everglades National Park (ENP) in an effort to assist with survival of the Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow, an endangered species.  The “Sparrow Project” is part of the C-111 monitoring project authorized by USACE to restore more natural hydrologic conditions in the Taylor Slough portion of ENP.  As part of the state authorization for the actions involving the S-332B/C/D pump stations and S-332B water detention areas, water quality monitoring is required for USACE to operate the pumps and determine the impact of these operations on water quality.  As the prime contractor for three years, ANAMAR was responsible for implementing the monitoring plan to assess the hydrologic, environmental, and surface and ground water quality changes that may occur as a result of the C-111 project operations and maintenance.

This multi-year, multi-million dollar project demonstrates ANAMAR’s ability to manage large-scale monitoring and assessment programs, implement a quality assurance/quality control protocol for large-scale programs, and provide data management and reporting across multiple entities and resource issues.

Project Management

ANAMAR was contracted by USACE, Jacksonville District to provide all labor, equipment, personnel, and materials to perform field sampling and laboratory analysis of groundwater, surface water, fish, and sediments as specified in the contract’s Water Quality Monitoring Plan.  As the prime contractor, ANAMAR coordinated and managed all operations for this project and worked closely with its subcontractors and other involved agencies, such as SFWMD and ENP, in order to accomplish the tasks necessary to support this project. 

These tasks included organizing security issues, scheduling and performing weekly sample collection, delivery of samples to contract laboratories, coordinating laboratory analyses, USACE total phosphorus inter-lab Round Robin studies, database management, reviewing and validating the laboratory data for compliance with QA/QC requirements, and producing the final report. 

Field sampling activities included:

  • Continuous monitoring for total phosphorus and total nitrogen using autosamplers
  • Autosampler maintenance and programming
  • Bi-weekly and quarterly monitoring of 16 groundwater wells
  • Bi-weekly collection of grab samples and in situ hydrographic data
  • Low-level mercury sampling
  • Quarterly collection of mosquitofish and predator fish for total mercury analysis
  • Semi-annual collection of sediment for pesticide analyses

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