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Port Orange Current Velocity Monitoring

ANAMAR was contracted by Quentin Hampton Associates, Inc. of Port Orange, Florida to conduct current velocity measurements and other data collection efforts in the Halifax River, Volusia County, Florida.  The City of Port Orange Wastewater Treatment Plant maintains a submerged outfall in the Halifax River.  This plant normally reuses effluent for irrigation; however, they use the submerged outfall in the Intracoastal Waterway when effluent re-use is not possible.  In order to maintain a discharge permit for this outfall, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection requires that a mixing zone be developed for the submerged outfall. 

The data collection effort documents pollutant transport characteristics during a neap tide period and provides the input data required to model pollutant transport and dispersion characteristics in the vicinity of the outfall.  Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) meters manufactured by Teledyne R.D. Instruments (RDI) were selected to measure current velocity and direction.  These meters are capable of measuring current velocity and direction of different layers in the water column.  Because of the relatively shallow depths in the deployment area, high-frequency (1200-MHz) meters were selected.  The high frequency transducer is capable of recording better definition in shallow water than the lower frequency models.  In situ measurements were collected near the surface and bottom to determine if any significant water column stratification was present.  Wind speed and direction were monitored to document any wind effects on water movement.

A final report was submitted describing data collection activities and results.

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